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ClickFORMS Tools and Services

ClickFORMS can greatly increase your productivity through the use of integrated tools and services. Many of these are included in our Membership Plans. We can also customize the plans to add additional features or switch particular services that better match your business and your local area needs.
 Technical Support
Our customer care and support is the best in the industry and is included in all ClickFORMS Memberships.
Phone – Extended support hours, 7-days a week with remote computer access.
Email – Anytime you need a quick answer.
 Productivity Tools
Integrated productivity tools will have you completing your appraisal reports faster and more accurately.
 1004 MC Service – Automatically fill out your 1004 MC grid with your comments and detailed charts.
 MLS Import Wizard – Avoid retyping your MLS data. Import your data efficiently and error-free.
 Inspect-a-Lot Mobile Inspection App – iPad mobile application. Gather and input data while you’re in the field.
 AppraisalWorld – Purchase applications and services on-line 24/7 and have them instantly available.
 Data Resources
Integrated data resources streamline your report process.
 Marshall & Swift – One of the best cost analysis and data resource providers in the industry.
 BuildFax – Property permit history reports, quickly retrieved and integrated into your reports.
 Pictometry – Aerial imagery at the angles you need and imported directly into your report .
 Flood Maps – Save time and money by importing flood data and maps.
 Property Data Integrator – Don’t retype property data, import it to save time and reduce errors.
 DataMaster – The "gold standard" of data import, fully integrates with ClickFORMS.
 Network Connections
Integrated Networks seamlessly upload your reports.
 Connection Package Plus – Popular connection services, CLVS, AppraisalPort,Woodfinn, ISGN, TSI, Landmark & Xome, to transmit your reports.
 CoreLogic | Mercury Network – Gain Access to Nearly 1000 Lenders & AMCs.
ClickFORMS is optimized to seamlessly integrate your choice of sketcher.
 Area Sketch, Apex Sketcher & Rapid Sketch – The leading sketching programs integrate data and images.

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