Invite Your Friends to Try ClickFORMS and
You'll Both Save $50!

Tell your fellow appraisers using some other brand of appraisal software why you love ClickFORMS and you'll both receive a $50 thank you. You can tell as many friends as you like and receive a credit for each new customer1 that comes on board with the purchase of a Gold, Gold Plus or Platinum ClickFORMS Membership. Just have the referred appraiser mention your name when they contact us about purchasing ClickFORMS. When they complete their purchase, they'll get a $50 discount and you'll receive a $50 credit to your account that you can use for any purchase2. It's that simple.

We know that regardless of how many times our Marketing guy uses cute kids and puppies to advertise ClickFORMS, nothing has the power of a fellow appraiser sharing the benefits of our ClickFORMS software. You know exactly why you love ClickFORMS and the many ways that it makes you a more efficient appraiser than any other appraisal software. When you share your stories, that's powerful and we appreciate it. So, get a $50 credit for every new customer you introduce and you'll be a double hero since your fellow appraiser gets a $50 discount on their purchase too.

Terms and Conditions

1 New customer is just that. An appraiser that has not purchased from Bradford Technologies in the past or associated with the referring appraiser's business (no fair getting referrals for new employees on your account. We have other discounts for you).

2 $50 credit for each new customer. No limit on number of new customers referred and credits. Credit to be issued upon completion of sale to new customer. Credit can be used with any purchase from Bradford Technologies. Credits are non-transferrable and may not be redeemed for cash. Credits expire 12 months after receipt.