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Add Analytical Credibility for a Higher Caliber Report
And Complete Your Appraisal FASTER
Appraisers often think they have to spend more time on their reports if they’re going to add analytical support for their appraisal. With Redstone® you can actually create your appraisal faster while still conveying to the reviewer and homeowner that you have performed a thorough analysis of the market, that you methodically selected your comps and that your value conclusion is accurate and credible.
Redstone Launches Your Appraisal Into Overdrive
In today’s market, you need speed. Your reviewer wants greater transparency and support. Using traditional methods, this meant you would have to choose one or the other. With Redstone, you can complete your appraisal faster while providing addendums with the details reviewers need.
Quickly identify the best comps in your market using Redstone’s ranking feature.
Instantly transfer data to your report and grid in UAD format by simply copying and pasting. It’s simple, fast and eliminates the drudgery and errors of re-typing data.
Avoid time-wasting call backs from reviewers to justify comps or adjustments.
Automatically generate your 1004MC.
You will save time producing a stronger appraisal report. You will save time by eliminating the needless call backs. By adding Redstone Analytics to your appraisals, you will be forced to make a tough decision:

Should you spend the extra time making more money or enjoying time with your family?

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Step-by-step demonstration of Redstone
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Redstone FAQs
Redstone – Advanced Features. Advanced Appraisal Analytics.
Adjustment Support using Regression Analysis
Support your adjustments with the industry's most user friendly and intuitive regression tool. Easily refine the model to include or remove characteristics with a simple click of the mouse. The scatter plot and accuracy distribution chart visually show you how well the model is working along with the statistical output.

Regression Fundamentals Document - Click to download
Analytically Support Your Comparable Selections
Redstone helps support your comp selection analytically by providing three ranking scores: Characteristics Matching; Nearness Ranking and Appraiser Weighting. By combining these scores into a final ranking, you can refine and analytically demonstrate how the final selection and ranking of comps was derived.
Automatically Generated 1004MC Report
Redstone, as part of its market analysis capability will automatically generate the data necessary for completion of the 1004MC addendum. Trend charts and comments describing the trends are auto generated as well and added to the report.
Graphically Define Market Areas.
Easily Import MLS
Visualization of the market areas and proximity of the sales and listing is important. Redstone enables you to easily create (and save for reuse) a map polygon showing the boundaries of your market area. We have mapped the export of over 950 MLS systems for easy, hassle-free importing into Redstone. Properties are instantly displayed on a map within your market area.
Easily Add Redstone to your Appraisal Report
ClickFORMS users can simply copy and paste the Redstone Analysis Addendum into their appraisal report. Users of other form fillers can quickly create a PDF of the Redstone Analysis Addendum and import the PDF into their appraisal reports. It's that simple to have the best appraisal analytics as part of your appraisal report.
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Many of you wanted a more cost effective way to test your local data with Redstone so we created a 10 Redstone analyses for $10 bundle. You can purchase the Starter Pack when you sign up (use link above) or if you're already an AppraisalWorld member and would prefer to purchase this in the AppraisalWorld store, use coupon code "RS10410" at checkout for your discount. Limit one bundle per customer.

Thereafter, Redstone is only $5 per analysis. There is no cost to use the software, no membership fees and no support, training or upgrade fees.
Redstone System Requirements
Required: Windows 7 or newer Operating System
Required: At least 4GB of RAM
Required: At least 250MB free disk space
Required: 1280 x 800 screen resolution
Required: Internet Explorer 10 or newer browser.
Required: High speed internet connection
MAC (even running Parallels® or Boot Camp®) not supported
Running Redstone on anything less than our minimum requirements may result in unexpected and unsupported issues.