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ClickFORMS™ is the only real estate appraisal software that delivers productivity right out of the box. It is the fastest to learn and the easiest to use, and integrates with all of your favorite applications and lender networks.

ClickFORMS Mobile

Completing an appraisal is only part of your job, and ClickFORMS Mobile™, powered by PhoenixMobile™ can help with the rest; managing your time and business. Create a schedule by making an appointment for new orders.

Marshall & Swift®

Integration with the Swift Estimator™ by Marshall & Swift®, lets you create Standard, Short, Input Listing and Depreciation cost reports and more.

BuildFax Property History Report

Permit activity and building improvement history in one simple report. Verify UAD-required information, obtain permit facts, get the list of renovations, know properties' risk factors and more!

UAD Compliance Module and Training

ClickFORMS UAD Module is an application that will seamlessly walks you through the new UAD requirements. No need to learn new software or memorize the UAD requirements.

AMC Connections

ClickFORMS network connections allow you to transmit your reports to virtually any AMC or lender in America.

Technical Support

Take advantage of live interactive computer support, where our Engineers can take control of your computer to quickly investigate and solve issues.

Bing Location Maps

Get unlimited access to the Bing Map Service (by Microsoft®). Locate the subject, comps, rentals and listings and view the locations on a street map, a satellite map and birds-eye view of the area with 360 degree panorama views.

Sketching Software

> AreaSketch
> Apex Version 5
> Rapid Sketch

1004MC Service

The most comprehensive 1004MC market analysis, hassle-free and fully automated. Just click.

Flood Maps

Getting a flood zone determination delivered directly into your ClickFORMS report is just a few simple clicks away. Just enter the address and our Flood Insights Web Service does all the work—right from your desktop!


Checkout the property before you inspect it. A must for Desktop, Drive-by and Review appraisals!

Import MLS Data

Automatically import MLS property data into ClickFORMS in a few simple steps — eliminate re-typing.

National and Local Property Data

Now appraisers can take property data directly from local and national data sources and import it directly into ClickFORMS — with no re-entry of data.

Digital Signature Scanning

Will scan your signature for a professional looking report.


Now integrated with ClickFORMS. DataMaster imports MLS and Public data directly into your reports.

Custom Forms Development

Who says you have to work like every one else? We can create custom solutions that allow you to work the way you know best.

AppraisalWorld Memberships

Learn more about the benefits of our FREE Directory and Professional memberships.

AppraisalWorld Directory

Who says you have to work like every one else? We can create custom solutions that allow you to work the way you know best.


A CVR is a best-of-class valuation solution for lenders who need supportable values, efficient turn-around, and cost-conscious pricing.

CompCruncher 3.0

With CompCruncher 3.0, appraisers can produce supportable, reliable valuations in record time. The accuracy comes from putting the appraiser in the driver's seat and allowing the analytics to be driven by the appraiser.

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