PortalDirect offers low delivery fees and NO integration or support fees

PortalDirect from Bradford Technologies provides a direct integration with FHA’s Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) portal and the new implementation of appraisal-sharing enhancements for UCDP. Bradford Technologies’ clients using PortalDirect can now submit appraisals from a single platform to either EAD or UCDP in addition to allowing correspondent lenders to easily share appraisal information with their aggregators within UCDP.

Bradford Technologies was one of the first companies to complete the EAD integration and the first to implement the new appraisal-sharing feature in UCDP.

PortalDirect has been completely redesigned from the ground up with the latest technology and this new platform offers unequaled simplicity of integration. Our advanced platform allows Bradford Technologies to waive all traditional integration and support fees while offering some of the lowest delivery fees in the industry.


By consolidating the EAD and UCDP portal access into one unified platform, our clients will realize a significant reduction in integration and on-going maintenance costs plus higher reliability and stronger performance when submitting appraisals.

Begin saving on your UCDP and EAD portal transmission fees today.

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