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Keeping appraisers safe in uncertain times. TruView™ was developed specifically to address the needs of appraisers who cannot access the interior of a property. Maintain the proper social distancing protocols during the COVID-19 crisis while still collecting property information and verifiable photos.

Homeowner Collected Property Information Tool That's Easy to Use

Using any camera-enabled phone, a homeowner is guided step-by-step through an information and photo collection process that captures all the necessary information from the property's interior and exterior. Appraisers never have to leave their homes and put themselves or homeowners at risk. GPS and timestamp data is all collected in each photo's metadata providing assurance and fraud protection.

Stay safe while gathering compliant, secure data that goes beyond a drive-by photo.

Directly Manage Requests and Incoming Data Reports

With TruView's Property Information Manager, Appraisers can send the data collection request directly to the homeowner. When the homeowner completes their step by step walkthrough, you'll be notified of its status and a data report is automatically generated. Concise summary information, all the photos, metadata for verification, and mapping of the photo locations all ready to enter into your appraisal report and workfile.


Continue Building Your Business and Providing Quality Valuations

The current pandemic crisis has put nearly every sector of the economy in peril and uncertainty is prevalent. Even though the GSEs and VA have initiated some flexibility concerning the requirement to conduct an interior inspection, it doesn't mean that if you have the means to provide some of that data, you shouldn't. Doing so will likely help you provide a superior valuation under these circumstances and help you stand out from your competition that may be sitting out this storm and waiting for it all to blow over. Gather credible and reliable data that will help you build a stronger valuation that may help you maintain your full fee and do so while adhering to all safety protocols.

Social Distancing

Gather the necessary photos and information without putting yourself or others in your family and community at risk. Maintain social distancing protocols by staying in your home office.

Verified Photos

Geocoded and timestamped photos provide a superior level of fraud protection. Map where the image was taken and when and provide your clients with high quality, current images and information.

It's Easy!

The guided process is so easy to use that homeowners may tell you it was actually fun to do. They can take as many photos as they would like, providing you with greater insight to the property.


TruView™ Report Provides GPS & Timestamped Images


TruView™ Video

Homeowner App Walkthrough

See How Easy the TruView™ App is to Use

A step-by-step demonstration of the TruView™ mobile app that a homeowner can use to take photos of the subject property.


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Our goal is to help protect appraisers in this unprecedented time, so TruView™ is available for all appraisers regardless of the appraisal software you currently use. The data you collect through TruView™ can be exported in GSE MISMO format and easily imported. ClickFORMS users are able to import the data and photos directly to their report. To get started with a free trial, call us at 800-622-8727.

For more information about TruView™ or how AMC partners can provide immediate safety benefits to their appraisal panel, please contact us.

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To use TruView™, log into and launch the "Request Homeowner Information" app. Need an AppraisalWorld log in? AppraisalWorld is free to join and use. Just click the link below to get started.