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VA to require UAD
VA joins FHA, Freddie, and Fannie to require Uniform Appraisal Dataset on 9/1/2011. Here's the link to UAD requirements.

It will be available for download on the VA web site in about two weeks.


UAD Compliance PART 3

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At the end of February, we provided you with an overview about the new regulatory changes coming through the Uniform Mortgage Data Program (UMDP) and specifically the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD). These new standards require appraisers to complete and submit certain appraisal forms to be UAD compliant. The most critical deadline for this is September 1, 2011 when appraisers are required to submit these appropriate reports. Some of the key standardizations are:

- Quality and Condition Ratings and Definitions: The GSEs have established clear definition and ratings on the quality and the condition of the subject property and the comps. Only the GSE defined definitions and ratings are applicable in the UAD compliant reports (for more info, visit our website).

- Standardization of data as gathered and entered onto the forms: First, there is more data that needs to be gathered, new rules on how it is placed on the form, how the information is abbreviated and how to separate data pieces when placed next to each other within a field.

Last month, we updated you on our close cooperation with the GSEs on how we are ensuring that all changes will be handled simply and as hassle-free as possible in ClickFORMS. We provided you with answers to many of the questions that would allow you to start better understanding the detailed requirements and changes that the GSEs are asking for. Today, we want to go a step further and show you how we have implemented the requirements to make you fully UAD compliant and how appraisers are reacting to it.

UAD: Get set, ready, go…..

On April 11th 2011, we held a UAD specific focus group at our corporate office. The overall feedback from the meeting was very positive and our appraisers seem happy with the direction we have taken in making ClickFORMS UAD compliant, simple and hassle-free.
During the focus group, we took notes on what specific questions the appraisers were particularly interested. We think if our focus group appraisers want to know about it, so do you!
First and foremost, a major change is that we added UAD pop-up windows. This is different than what you are currently used to when working through your reports. So why did we do pop-ups? The pop-ups are a convenient and user-friendly way to help you enter the data correctly into individual cells. Upon completion of the pop-up (and clicking ‘ok’), the data is then converted to the correct UAD format and correct XML output (to comply with the GSEs requirements).

Here is an example on how ClickFORMS will help you be UAD compliant when entering the subject data into a pop-up box:

ClickFORMS makes it easy for you!

Seems easy, right? Well, after you hit the save button on the pop-up box this is how the data appears in the subject field:

Hassle Free Integration

Please note the specific way the data has been converted and condensed. Days on Market is now; DOM 85 Semi Colon. Then; Subject property was offered for sale semi colon. By using the dialog box the appraiser does not need to remember the specific order or abbreviations that need to be used in each UAD field. Once you learn the pop-up box process, this should make it faster and easier for you to complete the UAD fields.

  1. Can we still clone reports?
    • Yes, you can still clone reports. However, any cloned data that is not UAD compliant will require that you re enter the data into the appropriate pop-up box.

  2. Can we still import MLS data?
    • Yes, you can import MLS data and we will convert as much of the data as possible to the correct format. However, on many MLS fields there is data that is concatenated and the UAD module will not know the correct way to parse that data into the right fields. Therefore, you will be required to re enter that data in the pop-up box to ensure it gets converted to the correct format.

  3. Can I complete a Non UAD report?
    • Yes, all the functionality you have always had when doing a non UAD report is still there. You will have an option when you start a report to identify if it is a UAD report or not.

Overall, the Focus group was very successful and our developers received important feedback that they are now implementing into the software.

So, what are the next steps for release? We plan a release to our beta group the last week of April. We will continue to include your feedback on the UAD compliant software requirements and take beta feedback through the first part of May. We are planning to release the UAD compliant software in the first part of June. In the meantime, we will continue to update you and release more information on our training and support for our UAD compliant software.

One more thing…

Communication from the Banks/Lenders to you:

Our appraisers are starting to hear about UAD compliancy from their lenders. Generally our users are receiving a survey they that are required to fill out and return to the lender. Here is an example of what they are seeing:

CDD Survey

If you receive a survey like this from your bank, you can mark ‘Yes’ for all 3 questions and put a date of June 2011 for when ClickFORMS will be UAD compliant.

UAD Training

Starting on May 16th we will have online UAD demonstration classes that any user can sign up for. These sessions will include an overview of the software with a Q & A session at the end. We will use these sessions as an opportunity for our users to get a firsthand look at the software and for us to obtain feedback on the type of questions people have and training feedback. Additionally, we are developing written material and an online video. Once the software is released in June, we will increase the number of live training sessions to daily. To sign up for a class click here.

Please continue to check our website for continued updates on our UAD initiative.


That’s it for today. We will continue to keep you informed about how Bradford is helping you to be compliant – in a hassle free and simple way. If you have questions or comments, email them to We will soon provide information about training, pricing and more. And continue to check regularly updated information on our website.

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