ClickFORMS UAD Compliance Implementation

Q & A Update

June 17th, 2011


Q. When will Bradford Technologies release the UAD version of ClickFORMS?

A. Bradford Technologies is releasing three different interfaces for UAD Compliance: First Look, Power User and UAD Ultimate. UAD First Look, designed to make your first encounter with UAD painless and hassle free, will be released by June 30th. UAD Power User will be released mid July.

Q. What do I need to do to get it?

A. You must purchase the ClickFORMS UAD Compliance Module. It is a one time service fee and if you take advantage of the Early Bird Extension, you can get it for as low as $189. If you do not perform mortgage related appraisals, you do not need to purchase anything.

Q. How much does the UAD Compliance Module cost?

A. We have a special UAD Compliance promotion going on until September 1: Today, you can take advantage of the Early Bird Promotion and get UAD Compliance for only $199 or $189 ($10 off if you fax or order online). Our fax number is 1 (408) 622-8729 (order form) or go to AppraisalWorld Store.

Q. Is this a one-time fee or an annual fee?

A. It is a one-time fee, so purchase it at the Early Bird 50% discount rate. Don’t wait to the last minute. . Included in this fee are all future enhancements that the GSEs may require, full tech support and free UAD training which you can take as many times as you like. The one time fee allows us to keep your annual software maintenance fee at its industry-wide low price (i.e. no increase). And we are not charging you on a per usage basis like our competitors. Note that if you don’t perform mortgage related appraisals, like many of our customers who have left the appraisal mortgage business, you don’t have to purchase anything.

Q. Your competitors are not charging for UAD Compliance. Why should I stay with you?

A. Our competitors are charging for UAD Compliance. They are just doing it in different ways. Some are raising their annual maintenance fee; some are charging on a per use basis. Some will bait and switch you with a low fee. Our fee is a one time fee. However, regardless of fees, what you need to consider is your productivity. The UAD productivity you experience will occur every time you do a UAD compliant appraisal. Did our competitors get their UAD implementation right? Are you going be more productive that you are today? With ClickFORMS, it’s all about productivity. This is why we have three interfaces. We will take you from a beginning level to an expert level. And at each stage, you will be the most productive possible. No other competitor has gone to these lengths to ensure your productivity. So why would you switch to a product where it will take you longer to complete an appraisal?

Q. What is the difference between the three UAD Compliance interfaces?

A. We have designed three interfaces to accommodate your different levels of experience and comfort with UAD. In the beginning you will be getting used to the UAD requirements, so we created UAD First Look. It will take you step by step through the process. This method ensures you get it right the first time and every time. Once you get some experience with what is required by UAD, you are ready to move to up to Power User. In this interface, you will be much faster. In fact, we have taken advantage of the UAD standardization requirement and we believe your productivity will be even higher than it is today. The third interface is built on the Power User interface, but eliminates much of the data entry so you will be even faster. UAD First Look will be released by June 30th and UAD Power User will be released in mid-July. UAD Ultimate will be released in early August. You will be able to switch between the three interfaces as well as turn them off when performing a non-mortgage related appraisal.

Q. I have purchased the UAD Compliance Module, how to I sign up for training?

A. Once you have purchased the UAD module all you need to do is schedule when you would like to attend the training. Here is the link to the UAD training schedule.

You can attend the UAD training sessions multiple times if you like. When you purchased the ClickFORMS UAD Compliance module, you should have received a confirmation with a training code included. This training code is unique to you and will allow you to register on the training site.

Q. Where can I find additional information on UAD or Bradford’s Technologies’ promotion?

You can go to and read all past communications to our customers, get direct links to the GSE’s information on UAD requirements, FAQs and additional documents and help for the ClickFORMS UAD module.

Q. Are there additional documents that you make available for UAD support?

A. We have posted 3 documents on for additional support. Here are the three ClickFORMS Quickstart Guides that are available to you: