ClickFORMS UAD Module

3 UAD Interfaces for Maximum Productivity

ClickFORMS' three UAD modes of operation help you comply with the new requirements easily and offer hassle-free UAD-compliance. Each mode is focused on improving your productivity and getting you up to speed on UAD as quickly as possible.

Bradford Software and Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD)

Hassle Free UAD with ClickFORMS (VIDEO)

The 3 modes of ClickFORMS UAD Interfaces

UAD First Look
In this mode, you have all the assistance you need to complete a UAD-compliant appraisal. Dialogs and pop-ups will guide you along as you fill out the report. UAD First Look is a great way to get accustomed to what data is required, what options you have and what special formatting is required. In this mode, ClickFORMS will guide you every step of the way. Access to the detailed UAD instructions for every cell is just a click away if you need extra assistance.

UAD Power User
This mode is similar to what you are used to. Once you get familiar with the data required and its special formatting, you no longer need dialogs popping up and slowing you down. So we allow you to enter the data directly. Using our real-time UAD-compliance checker (which works similar to a spell checker) we’ll alert you of any needed corrections on the fly. Fix it as you enter the information, or at a later time. The choice is yours. Either way, your report will be fully UAD-compliant before you submit it. With a few minor exceptions, the productivity you once enjoyed should be back. In fact, it may even be a bit faster because the data is now standardized and options are well defined.

UAD Specialist
In this special mode, you get your productivity back as it was in the non-UAD days. You no longer need to fill data in the UAD dialog boxes, you can fill the data directly if you already know UAD requirements and abbreviations. You can also use your quick shortcuts such as equal ‘=’ to copy the data from the subject or ‘=2’ to copy the data from comps 2. Simply fill in the data and fly, ClickFORMS lets you soar above the competition.

ClickFORMS 3 UAD Interface options – Available to all customers

Feature UAD First Look UAD Power User UAD Specialist
100% UAD Compliance
Create UAD XML and PDF
UCDP Rules XML Reviewer
Import UAD Compliant MLS or Public Data
Easy UAD Worksheets  
No Dialogs and Pop-ups    
Equal "=" Key Shortcuts    
UAD Productivity  Good  Better  Best

UAD "How To" Documents

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UAD Resource Links

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