ClickFORMS Software and Updates


You can update from within ClickFORMS.
From the "Help" menu, choose "Check for Updates." It's fast, simple, and hassle-free.

Note: You must be using ClickFORMS 6.9.3 or later to automatically update.

Download / Update ClickFORMS


USAPlease enter your account's email below and you'll be taken directly to the ClickFORMS download page that also contains associated installers such as the Rels module and Appraisal Studio converter.


ClickFORMS Canadian

CanadaPlease enter your email address of record below, and you'll be taken directly to a page where you can download ClickFORMS Canadian Edition.
This software is for Canadian customers only.


If after pressing the 'Go' button you see "Signup for Free Trial" registration page, the email you entered is not listed under your account. Please try your other email address.

ClickFORMS 15-Day Free Trial

New to ClickFORMS? Try fully working 15-day trial version.Technical support included with trial. No hassle, no risk, no obligation. More details...


Note for Apex 2 users
Integration of Apex v2.9.1 and earlier has been discontinued. The minimum version we now support is 3.2.

Windows Vista and Sony Laptops: Tech Notice
We have identified a potential problem when attempting to install ClickFORMS on new Sony Vaio Laptops running pre-installed versions of the new Windows Vista operating system.
A message appears, stating "Error 1320: The specified path 'Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop' is too long" and the installation will not continue. We have no reports of this error message on any other type of computer. Accordingly, we do not recommend installing ClickFORMS on new Sony Vaio Laptops running pre-installed versions of Windows Vista.
If you are already experiencing this issue, please contact Sony Support directly at 1-888-476-6972 , or visit the Sony Support web page

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