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We know it takes hard work and dedication to complete appraisal coursework requirements and we want you to be successful in that endeavor. That’s why we developed ClickFORMS™ for Students. This version has everything you need to do a real appraisal — all the forms needed for a residential appraisal; built-in sketcher for drawing the floor plan; real online location maps for mapping the location of the properties; and a built-in PDF creator for producing a PDF file of the final report. This is the perfect appraisal software for students because it’s so quick to learn and easy to use. Cannot be used to file reports. Valid for 150 days.

Sketching software for ClickFORMS

ClickFORMS is optimized to work with the industry's leading sketching programs, seamlessly integrated so that data and images populate ClickFORMS reports.

Apexv5 Sketcher

Apex Version 5 for ClickFORMS

If you’re looking for the very best in sketching software, you’ve come to the right place. For over 25 years, Apex has been the sketching tool of choice for the valuation industry and our release of Apex Sketch v5 continues our tradition of excellence. In a few easy steps, the appraiser goes from a rough field sketch or plans to a complete professional-quality sketch. Even the most complex areas are automatically calculated, no matter how large or irregular the shape. Curved spaces and voids are calculated and applied to areas appropriately. The user interface is more than user-friendly, it's user-helpful. All menu items and commands are logical and easy to remember. Apex Sketch v5 also works with MobileSketch for iPad and also Android tablets.

AreaSketch on a tablet PC

AreaSketch for ClickFORMS
PC Version

Designed specifically for field professionals required to draw an accurate sketch and calculate area square footage and perimeter values, AreaSketch stands alone when compared to existing sketch solutions. FreeForm Technology™ allows users to draw any sketch. As data is being gathered, new areas can be created on the fly without having to finish the first area. Switch drawing directions with Bi-Directional Drawing, placing a label, or other types of annotation is completely FreeForm.


RapidSketch for ClickFORMS

RapidSketch was built from the ground up to change the way Real Estate professionals looked at sketching. Instead of having tons of redundant features, RapidSketch has a few simple tools that can do it all. All Area Templates, Symbols, and Stock Label Libraries can be customized to fit your needs, and then backed up in the event your hardware fails. RapidSketch technology has raised the bar and made huge waves in the valuation industry, so check it out today.

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