CoreLogic | Mercury Network and ClickFORMS are Now Integrated

Greater Opportunities

CoreLogic | Mercury Network and ClickFORMS are now integrated to bring you seamless access to orders from Mercury's client lenders and AMCs. Expand your business with this new integration that allows you to import client order data, set order statuses and upload completed appraisals without ever leaving ClickFORMS. Grow your business and save time on each order.

CoreLogic | Mercury Network's new Xcelerator tool can save you time with scheduling by gathering property contact's availability for the inspection. Save even more time by quickly and easily updating your appraisal status from within ClickFORMS.

Try it in ClickFORMS for FREE

You can try CoreLogic | Mercury Network integration for free. ClickFORMS Platinum Members have it included in their package at no additional charge. (see below on how to get started) All other packages can try the CoreLogic | Mercury Network integration for 10 reports. Gold Members may purchase the CoreLogic | Mercury Network connection package from the AppraisalWorld store or upgrade to the Platinum Membership.

Expand your client list through the CoreLogic | Mercury Network and add to your bottom line. The new ClickFORMS integration allows you to work efficiently with the network and service your new clients.


How to Get Started

Step 1 Sign up with the CoreLogic | Mercury Network for a free appraiser account. Sign up here. If you already have a CoreLogic | Mercury Network account, proceed to step 2.
Step 2 Log in to AppraisalWorld and go to MyOffice. Click on the "Sync with Mercury Network" icon in "My Services".

My Services - Mercury

Step 3 When presented with options, click on the "Sync Now" button.
Step 4 Sign into the CoreLogic | Mercury Network with your log in information.

Mercury Network Sign In

Your ClickFORMS/AppraisalWorld account is now synchronized with the CoreLogic | Mercury Network. You will not have to repeat this procedure. You can access the CoreLogic | Mercury Network from the "Orders" menu in ClickFORMS. For more information on using the CoreLogic | Mercury Network integration in ClickFORMS, click on the User Guide Below.

User Guide
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