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Redstone and ClickFORMS better together

Redstone's Advanced Analytics Data Easily Transfers to ClickFORMS

ClickFORMS users can quickly transfer data from their Redstone file directly into their ClickFORMS report. It's easy. It's hassle-free

Add a Redstone Addendum for a Higher Caliber Report – Do It Faster!

Appraisers have been using Redstone to analytically support their adjustments and comparables to address new challenges and demands. Redstone transfers data to ClickFORMS to speed up the process of completing your report while adding the transparency and methodologies needed to produce a higher caliber report. Download a sample addendum showing the features of Redstone.

Redstone Transfers Data to Your ClickFORMS Report


  • Subject
  • Car Storage
  • Amenities
  • Sales Grid – Subject
  • General Description
  • Room Count
  • One Unit Housing Age and Price Ranges
  • Comp and Listing Price Ranges
  •  Data Source
  •  Concessions
  •  Date of Sale/Time
  •  Site Area
  •  Design/Style
  •  Fireplace
  •  Actual Age
  •  Room Count
  •  Proximity to Subject
  •  Sales Price per GLA
  •  GLA
  •  Total Basement & Finished SqFt
  •  Heating/Cooling
  •  Garage/Carport
  •  Porch/Patio/Deck
  •  Pool
  •  Condition – Subject Only
  •  Quality of Construction – Subject Only
  •  Sales Price
  •  Leasehold/Fee Simple


  • Redstone Market Area
  • Redstone Comparable Sales Selection Methodology
  • Redstone Market Adjustment Factors – Regression Analysis
  • 1004MC – Automatically Completed

See Redstone's Data Transfer to ClickFORMS in Action

Mobile Inspection App That's Easy as Child's Play

All the Benefits of a Redstone Analysis + Complete a Report Faster Than Ever

Redstone's new copy/paste function for ClickFORMS brings in data from Redstone, including MLS and 1004MC data with a single import function quickly and efficiently. No more wasted time re-typing or fixing errors. Plus, you get all the benefits of a Redstone analysis that can avoid costly call backs from reviewers. Regression analysis for adjustment support and analytically supported comparables can convey the methodologies you used in your analysis so the reviewers know what you're thinking and don't have to call you for clarification. Save time completing your appraisal report and save time not responding to reviewer questions after you've submitted your appraisal.

Redstone Provides:

  • Adjustment Support using Regression Analysis
  • Analytically Supported Comparable Selections
  • Automatically Generated 1004MC Addendum
  • MLS Data import for your ClickFORMS report
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