Clients are Asking for Aerial Images.
Now You Can Provide a Complete View.
Pictometry Aerial Images for ClickFORMS
More and more lenders are asking for aerial images of subject properties. Satellite images are top view only, while Pictometry is backed by a fleet of 73 aircraft that provide lower altitude images that are capable of showing five angles of the subject property. The new Aerial Imagery Addendum available exclusively from ClickFORMS efficiently pulls five of the most recent Pictometry angles, includes your street view photo of the subject property and an Aerial Parcel Boundary view into an easy-to-view addendum. Provide your clients with a complete view of the subject property from all angles.
Pictometry units allow you to very quickly and legally add aerial images to your reports with just a couple of clicks. You don't have to hunt around on the internet for images you may not have the rights to include or break your workflow while working on your report. Just grab it and add it.
The Subject Aerial Imagery Addendum from ClickFORMS will show:
  • Your street view photo
  • Top view of subject property
  • Oblique angles from North, South, East and West of the subject
  • Aerial Parcel Boundary View
Add Pictometry for ClickFORMS to Your Reports
Pictometry for ClickFORMS is available exclusively from Bradford Technologies. ClickFORMS subscribers can add Pictometry units in increments of 10, 100 and 250 units. Order direct from the AppraisalWorld store or call your sales representative to add Pictometry to your ClickFORMS account.
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