Network Connections

Get connected, easily.

ClickFORMS network connections allow you to transmit your reports to virtually any AMC or lender in America.


AppraisalPort carries over 40% of all appraisal reports in the country. The ClickFORMS AppraisalPort Connection allows you to connect seamlessly with AppraisalPort to upload your appraisal reports. It also allows you to receive and import order information from the AppraisalPort website. You can also create ENV files of your appraisal reports for clients requesting this format. Make sure you have this connection module.

UAD Compliance & Connection Module

On September 1, 2011, all appraisers will have to submit their appraisal reports in UAD compliant format. UAD stands for Uniform Appraisal Dataset. It is an initiative by the GSEs to standardize appraisal data to improve the reporting of appraisal information. The compliance module will ensure the report you produce is compliant with requirements of the new UAD standards. The connection module will allow you to transmit your report in the specified MISMO XML format.

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CLVS Connection Module – CoreLogic Valuation Solutions

The industry’s most advanced AMC connection is with CLVS and ClickFORMS. Completely eliminate call backs by using this module. Your report will be fully compliant before you upload it. If you complete appraisal orders for CLVS, you need this connection module.


Using the MISMO XML open standard, ClickFORMS can send completed reports to lenders requesting XML transmission.