Team Appraising™

A New Solution for Your Appraisal Office

Bradford Technologies has created a system that empowers appraisal teams to work efficiently, reducing time and distance factors and significantly increasing appraisal production and profitability.

Team Appraising was designed for appraisers, trainees and assistants who want to work as a team and out produce the competition. Team Appraising combines the benefits of desktop appraisal software, mobile inspection software, online form processing and cloud storage with instant data syncing to all team members, plus member management to create the supporting technology framework needed by all appraisal teams. Watch Video.

The Team Advantage

Your Team

Cloud-based Forms

Field Assignments

Build your Appraisal office with teammates in the same office or around the globe. Assign roles and duties to team members to streamline the appraisal process.

Access your appraisal work in the cloud with ClickFORMS Online. Seamlessly connect your ClickFORMS desktop appraisal experience with other teammates, exchange comments, review and share report details from anywhere.

Upload subject and comp details to appraisers in the field. Once inspections are completed, teammates can then pick up the completed field data and photos and continue the appraisal workflow.

Leverage the Cloud for Team Efficiency

Collaborating with cloud-synced documents avoids time-wasting issues of conflicting content and version control. Your Team Members can work simultaneously and in coordinated succession from anywhere to complete appraisals faster than ever before. We've integrated Dropbox file hosting into ClickFORMS online and ClickFORMS desktop, making it easier than ever to access your shared Dropbox files. You'll increase your efficiency by having your files both resident on your hard drive and synced in the cloud for team sharing. Gain all the benefits of cloud storage, including; secure offsite backups for safety against lost data, theft and disasters, recovery of past file versions, and remote wipe of lost/stolen devices. Dropbox storage is compatible with all your file formats so your entire workfile can be safely stored and accessed from anywhere. Store images, spreadsheets, ClickFORMS files, anything you currently store electronically.

Teams – The New Workflow

Now you can create and manage team members in Bradford Technologies’ AppraisalWorld to assign duties and control access. Team leaders can assign field inspections to any team member to be completed in our Inspect-a-Lot™ iPad app. While the inspecting appraiser is still in the field, inspection data is retrieved and work on the report can continue for an efficient and streamlined workflow. Shared cloud-synced files allow for time-saving and error reduced collaboration in the report building processes. Whether you have in-house administrative staff, a virtual office or an appraisal office with multiple staff appraisers, Team Appraising workflows will increase your productivity.

 Build Your Team Today

Build Your Team in AppraisalWorld

It all starts with assembling your team. In AppraisalWorld you'll find a new Team module for creating and managing your team. Licensed appraisers, trainees, and assistants can all join AppraisalWorld for free. So whether your team members are located in the office or work remotely or you use virtual assistants, you can bring your team together for a new level of collaboration on producing appraisal reports. Watch Video.

Coordinate Field Inspections

Team members can now share duties and work cooperatively to complete field inspections quickly and without travel causing delays in the process. Appraisal subject data can be pre-populated in the report, then assigned and transmitted to the team member in the field. Once the inspection is complete, the data can be retrieved and assigned to another team member to continue the process without any delay. Watch Video.

ClickFORMS Online

Log in and access your reports from anywhere. ClickFORMS Online allows you to access and coordinate reports that you and your teammates create. Use ClickNOTES, the "sticky note" comment tool to communicate with team members with a floating note right next to the area of concern. Remain in sync without emailing or transferring files and updates. Works in conjunction with your ClickFORMS desktop application to provide flexibility to your team whether on location or working virtually. Watch Video.

Team Building Starts in AppraisalWorld

Every ClickFORMS user is already in AppraisalWorld. You'll want to log in to be sure you have the correct email and password linked to your ClickFORMS account. Have members of your team who may not be licensed appraisers also sign up for an AppraisalWorld account (It's FREE!) so you can create a team and start taking advantage of this new Team Appraising technology.