No Additional Charge for Assistants

Install on Multiple Computers

Use Simultaneously on Multiple Computers

Easily Sync Reports on all Computers

As your appraisal business grows, so do your business needs. Getting help for your business shouldn't mean doubling your expenses. ClickFORMS® is licensed to the appraiser who signs the reports. Non-signing Assistants can use the same membership at the same time without additional cost. You have the flexibility to install the software on all your machines in multiple locations. No complex network installations or expensive IT infrastructure to juggle. Integrate Dropbox for instant cloud syncing of files without complications or alerts of concurrent use. Assistants can help fill in reports from their computers with ClickFORMS while you finish and sign from your preferred computer – ll using the same ClickFORMS Membership. Save money while increasing productivity!

Bradford Technologies is bringing  Team AppraisingTM to a new level. Common sense licensing and trouble-free installation results in an appraisal software solution that is more efficient and more profitable than your current solution.