Hassle-free Appraisal Software
The complete real estate appraisal software solution.
For over 27 years, Bradford Technologies has set the benchmark for reliability and ease of use in appraisal software.This translates to a shorter learning curve, higher productivity, and more money in your pocket. New ClickFORMS™ users can begin creating reports in less than 10 minutes!
ClickFORMS™ is a feature rich, easy to use appraisal software package. Our product helps you acquire, analyze, present, store, and transmit completed appraisal reports faster and easier than any other product on the market. We offer more than 400 forms that address residential, commercial, and broker appraisals, and more than 200 forms for agricultural appraisals. Regardless of appraisal type, selecting ClickFORMS™ software is the right choice to make.
If you're spending time fighting software,
that's time you could be making money.
ClickFORMS™ Training and Information Links
ClickFORMS™ is so intuitive, that it just seems to be the natural way to create an appraisal report. We also have training resources for ClickFORMS™ to demonstrate its ease-of-use as well as its powerful features:
Step-by-step Tutorials:
A collection of step-by-step tutorials to quickly learn ClickFORMS™.
ClickFORMS™ Software Plans:
We've developed comprehensive software plans that include ClickFORMS™ and selected services to match any size appraisal business. Each plan includes an AppraisalWorld membership that includes an upgrade to all the AppraisalWorld Tools.
Software Plans
Download ClickFORMS 15-Day Trial:
Download the ClickFORMS™ Trial and evaluate the program for 15 days. Discover for yourself the powerful features in ClickFORMS™.
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Want to learn more about ClickFORMS™?
Give us a call. We can help you with completing an appraisal during the trial period, demonstrate the features and determine which software plan is right for your business. Discover why ClickFORMS™ is the right choice for your appraisal business.
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Hassle-free Appraisal Software
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  ClickFORMS Appraisal Software
  Support with Remote Assistance 7 days/week 7 days/week 7 days/week 7 days/week
  Free Live Training Webinars
  All ClickFORMS Updates
  All UAD Updates
  UAD Reviewer and XML Creator
  Built-in PDF Creator
  PCV Murcor Connection
  StreetLinks Connection
  Location Maps (Unlimited)
  Census Tract Lookups (Unlimited)
  Comparables Database w/UAD Checker
  Flood Data and Map Lookups 300/year 480/year 60/month (720/yr)  
  AppraisalPort Connection  
  Comparables Database with Map  
  Comparables Cloud Database    
  MLS Data Importer & Personalized Mapping    
  1004MC Market Analysis Service    
  Property Data Importer    
  Comparables Cloud Database with Sharing        
  Marshall & Swift Lookups     2/month (24/yr)  
  ClickFORMS Mobile (Unlimited)      
  BuildFax Permit History Reports** *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited  
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Get Started
Get Started
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Membership prices are effective September 19, 2014 and are subject to change without notice.
All subscriptions are based on a 12 month commitment. Monthly renewals are automatically charged.
Additional services are available separately from the online AppraisalWorld store or by calling your sales representative.
*Added User packages are available to add to accounts with a master account membership of Professional or higher.
*Added user packages may be any Membership level.
**Special Offer – ALL ClickFORMS users have unlimited BuildFax Permit History Reports during 2014.
All ClickFORMS Memberships include an AppraisalWorld.com Business Directory listing. Professional, Top Producer and Trailblazer Memberships include AppraisalWorld Online Credential Manager and Live Work History Map.
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ClickFORMS is ideal in a multi-appraiser office environment. ClickFORMS' ease of use, affordability and flexible, trouble-free installation translates into an appraisal software solution that is highly efficient and profitable.
ClickFORMS is the most intuitive appraisal software available. Reduced training means that appraisers of any background can quickly become proficient and productive team members.
ClickFORMS does not require complex dedicated network installation and can be installed on multiple machines in multiple locations. No need for an expensive IT infrastructure, just a local network or internet connection.
ClickFORMS is affordable. Whether adding just a few additional licenses in an office or hundreds across multiple states, we have affordable plans that we can tailor to your needs.
Bradford Technologies can customize ClickFORMS addendums and forms for your specific appraisal business.
Call us for a quote on Multi-Appraiser Office pricing – 800-622-8727