Powerful features make you more money
ClickFORMS is full of powerful features that will help you finish appraisal reports faster than ever so you can turn more business. These include: Ability to convert reports with drag and drop simplicity; Detailed report reviewer; Up to 15 automatic adjustments; Image size optimizer; Built-in PDF creator; and Free Form Text — a ClickFORMS exclusive — which allows you to type text anywhere on the form.

Forms designed for Canada

ClickFORMS Canadian Edition contains the forms you need, including:

• Summary Appraisal Report

• Residential Appraisal Report

• Residential Desktop Report (English and French)

• Residential Drive-By Report (English and French)

• Restricted Use Appraisal Report

• Small Residential Income Property Appraisal Report

• Operating Income Statement

• Schedule A

• Land Appraisal Report

ClickFORMS Canadian is so easy to use, you can begin creating reports in 10 minutes.


The most intuitive Appraisal Software Available


For more than 20 years, ClickFORMS™ hassle-free appraisal software has set the benchmark for stability, reliability, and ease of use. This translates to a shorter learning curve, higher productivity, and more money in your pocket. New ClickFORMS users can begin creating reports in less than 10 minutes!


Download ClickFORMS Canadian 15-Day Trial

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