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For over 30 years, Bradford Technologies has set the benchmark for reliability and ease of use in appraisal software. ClickFORMS™ is a “Point and Click” application, meaning that its innovative, advanced features are also extremely intuitive to use. The result is less training, less support, higher productivity and more profits. Easily add data services such as BuildFax Permit History reports or Marshall & Swift Cost Analysis to meet your appraisal needs. For an additional time saver, add ClickFORMS™ unique nationwide 1004MC service that will complete your 1004MC in just a few clicks! ClickFORMS™ is sophisticated software made easy to use so you can be more productive.
Flexibility at its best – Productivity at its highest
Support to match your busy life – remote access, phone, chat, and email including evenings and weekends
Software membership plans to meet your needs and budget
Innovative features to provide you with the most opportunities to succeed
Sophisticated Features are Built Into ClickFORMS
Being easy to use, doesn’t mean that ClickFORMS lacks advanced features that you want in your appraisal software. ClickFORMS is full of powerful features that will help you finish your appraisal reports faster and more efficiently so that you can turn more business.
Drag and drop simplicity Report template creator
UAD Compliance module Free-form text
Detailed Report Review Custom MLS integration
Unlimited Location Maps Integrated sketching options – Your choice of sketcher
Photo Image Editor and Image Optimizer Report cloning and templates for easy report generation
Wireless photo integration Digital signature application
AMC integration for easy report submittal ClickFORMS and Windows® keyboard shortcuts
UAD Consistency Checker Address Verification Module
18 Automatic Adjustments Collapsible Pages
Try ClickFORMS Free for 15 days.
Discover all the efficiency and productivity that's possible when the appraisal software you're using is simple and intuitive. Easy to use doesn't mean that ClickFORMS lacks the features you want and need. Sophisticated features are built right into ClickFORMS. Try all the time-saving features of ClickFORMS and get free technical support for 15 days – no hassle, no risk, no obligation.

Your Assistants Use ClickFORMS for Free
As your appraisal business grows, so do your business needs. Getting help for your business shouldn't mean doubling your expenses. ClickFORMS® is licensed to the appraiser who signs the reports. Your assistants can use your ClickFORMS membership at the same time without additional cost. You have the flexibility to install the software on all your machines in multiple locations. No complex network installations or expensive IT infrastructure to juggle. Integrated Dropbox allows for instant cloud syncing of files without complications or alerts of concurrent use and you control your data. Assistants can help fill in reports from their computers with ClickFORMS while you finish and sign from your preferred computer – All using the same ClickFORMS Membership. Save money while increasing productivity!
ClickFORMS Multi-Appraiser Memberships
ClickFORMS is available for the multi-appraiser office environment. Added user ClickFORMS Memberships can be the same or any mix of membership levels. Accounts with three or more appraisers qualify for Multi-appraiser office discounts.
ClickFORMS is the most intuitive appraisal software available. Reduced training means that appraisers of any background can quickly become proficient and productive team members.
ClickFORMS does not require complex dedicated network installation and can be installed on multiple machines in multiple locations. No need for an expensive IT infrastructure, just a local network or internet connection.
ClickFORMS is affordable. Whether adding just a few additional licenses in an office or hundreds across multiple states, we have affordable plans that we can tailor to your needs.
Bradford Technologies can customize ClickFORMS addendums and forms for your specific appraisal business.
Call us for a quote on Multi-Appraiser Office pricing – 800-622-8727
ClickFORMS System Requirements

Required: Windows 10 or newer Operating System
Required: At least 4GB of RAM
Required: At least 250MB free disk space
Required: 1280 x 800 screen resolution
Required: Internet Explorer 11 or newer browser.
Required: High speed internet connection
MAC (even running Parallels® or Boot Camp®) not supported
Running ClickFORMS on anything less than our minimum requirements may result in unexpected and unsupported issues.
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