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”I have been using the 1004MC Service for approximately 1 year now and I don’t know how I could complete a report without it.  Due to my location, I use 2 separate MLS services and within a minute or two of running my search, my 1004MC is self populated and complete.  In this business, time is money and the 1004MC pays for itself with just a few reports.  It also gives me reassurance that if the underwriter/reviewer wants to double check my work,  they can access the results and criteria from the Appraisalworld website.”

- Ronnie Lougon, Priority Appraisals, Inc.


Customers have told us that our 1004MC Service enables them to save 20-30 minutes minimum on every appraisal. From the import of your MLS data into ClickFORMSTM to the creation of charts and graphs, you are just a click away from completion.  The entire process only takes 3 – 5 minutes.



No more need for spreadsheets or cumbersome third party products.  The 1004MC Service was created by Bradford Technologies specifically for ClickFORMS customers



Built into the 1004MC Service is the ability to create Hassle-Free, colorful charts and graphs that display data in an easy to view format, giving your reports a professional look that sets you apart from the competition.



Appraisal accuracy is primarily dependent on an appraiser due diligence   The 1004MC Service speeds up the appraisal process by giving the appraiser more time to spend on analyzing data to achieve their desired opinion of value.


Integration With ClickFORMS

The 1004MC Service was created by the talented engineering team at Bradford Technologies specifically for ClickFORMS appraisal software. You will experience an intelligently integrated solution that fully interacts seamlessly with your form filling software without the need to purchase 3rd party software.

The integration allows the appraiser to experience the point-click ease of use, and thus, making it another Hassle-Free option only found at Bradford Technologies.

ClickFORMS Integration

Higher Income

Appraisers are faced with a daunting challenge today.  Too much work, not enough time!  The 1004MC Service speed enhancement allows appraisers to recognize significant time savings on every appraisal allowing appraisers to use this time to complete more appraisals and make more money.

Higher Income

MLS Integration

The 1004MC Service provides an integrated, specially engineered MLS engine that pulls MLS data into the 1004 report quickly and seamlessly.  MLS systems change state to state and change often.  Bradford Technologies has engineered an update and integration process that is second to none, allowing your MLS data to import Hassle-Free.


Enhance your report.

The 1004MC Service enhances and adds value to your report by adding detailed charts to help illustrate what is happening in the market. Charts include dynamically generated, fully editable comments.

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See for yourself.

Our short video will show you how the 1004MC Service makes simplicity even easier. In just a few steps, you can quickly and easily fill out the 1004MC and generate charts and comments.

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Greater Accuracy,
Fewer Mistakes

Learn about our calculation process and run a sample file to verify accurate results.

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Need Help?

Get answers to your questions about the 1004MC Service and download user guides.

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Setup Guides

Set up your MLS to 1004MC export in a few simple steps.

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Important notice: It is the responsibility of the appraiser to verify all data and calculations are true and correct. ClickFORMS is not responsible for the accuracy of your MLS data.